Guide To Outdoor Activities

Indulging in outdoor activities serves as a great way to escape from the stress associated with the usual day to day life. For a rather elderly citizen, engaging in outdoor activities for elderly will contribute a great deal towards healthy living. It is advisable that elderly citizens go out into the sun and enjoy taking part in activities which would help them in body exercise.

Outdoor activities can act as a way of bonding a family or elderly citizens. Whether living at home or in a retirement home, one can participate in activities for elderly.

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Some of the engaging activities may include:


Taking outdoor walks round the park or around the neighbourhood is a great activity. It is easy to do and helps strengthen one's legs. The sunshine aids in creation of vitamin D which is essential for the body. Therefore, taking daily walks isn't a bad thing after all.


Fishing is one among the best outdoor activities when the sun is shining. Visiting public fishing spots in the area with friends and family keeps one occupied. Fishing gives an opportunity for the elderly to bond with the grandchildren while teaching them the skill of catching fish. The fish caught can be cooked for dinner too.


Planting flowers and vegetables in the yard and looking after them can be a fun activity for the elderly. The garden can be rather occupying, making it a great way of overcoming boredom. One can source out fresh vegetables from the garden for consumption. Gardening however, should be more of a hobby than a duty to an elderly person.

Metal detecting

This is one of unique outdoor activities that can be done with grandchildren. Besides the beach, one can use the metal detector in a park or the back yard to hunt for coins or scrap metal. This activity can be rewarding and is a great form of exercise.

Yard games

Indulging in easy yard games is a great way to keep healthy and have fun. Wiffle ball, ring toss, horseshoes, golfing, beanbag toss, yard darts and croquet are some of the popular games among the elderly. One is never too old to play a game.

Having a picnic

Going to a favourite spot and having a meal in the outdoors with family and friends is a great activity. This gives an opportunity for people to bond and take a break from the daily routine jobs. The grandchildren can have a wonderful time flying kites and playing in the open area. Carrying out fun activities in the sun helps to enrich and strengthen one's body.


Hanging out at favourite spots such as the beach, fishing spot, park or even the museum provides the elderly with time to relax and smell the roses. As everyone is mostly usually busy with jobs or school, the elderly tend to be pushed aside or worse, forgotten. Therefore, it is advisable for elderly citizens to get involved with outdoor activities which keep them active.